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Dr David Cleveland          February 14,2017
Currently we are actively requesting your donation to aid in assisting Migrants arriving in Greece, France and Germany. Aid now is extremely important in these areas, and thanks to President Obama's Decision not to call a Cease Fire in Syria, But to continue Killing and spending our money on WAR. Remember Vietnam, and Korea at a cost of many,many lifes, and huge amounts of money..we lost both of these Wars!
We are all immigrants to the U.S. and look at this---(More later)

AA,BS.MA.Ph.D., President- Operation Medicorp, Migrant Relief; Researcher; Epigenetic Biology and Psychology; Former Justice; Homeopathic Consultant; Univ. Professor; Writer; Videographer;  Casting director; Actor two Spielberg Films; Researcher; Former City Councillor; Candidate for MA. Senator; School Committee advisor; Copywriter; Fellowship studies Harvard University School of Government; Arica Inst. N.Y.C.-Vice President; St. Vincents Hospital, Surgical Tech.; Ph.D. religion/spiritual ; Certified- Wedding Planner; Wedding Officiant; Comprehensive Health Clinic, Dr. James Doyle Director- performed Homeopathic consultations for patients;  Captain of Government Security for U.S. Dept of Transportation; U.S.Dept. of Agriculture Inspector, Logan Airport, MA; Masters in  Critical/Creative Thinking  U/MA;  B.S in Earth Science-Secondary Education  teacher certification; instructional  Design- U/MA. Boston; Cambridge aux. Police; Publisher Soup to Nuts Press; Capt. A. Air Force- Bedford Air Base; Pilot; Figure skating instructor; Professional Radio Operator KB1LK; Bicycle sales and repair; wall to wall carpet installer; MA. Notary Public; COPY WRITER;Founder/Director of Samaritan's of  the Expressway. FIRST Male to be admitted to Hotel Barbizon for Women in New York City, why not!

       ...    And he's Modest too!

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