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 "We are all Refugees in the HUMAN RACE, we need your Help. . . . .      

The trauma of drugs, drugs, 

and more drugs...and yet 

Homeopathy is proven safe, 

what are you doing to yourself?

Where has this information been? 

It's been around for over two hundred years homeopathy has been used and trusted by millions of people 
Or the question 

might be, where have you been? 

Homeopathy is finally gaining the 

worldwide acceptance that it deserves. 

This is being done by recent research 

findings from the fields of physics, with 

string theories and nano research, which 

acknowledges, and proves homeopathy's 

treatment with small numbers or dilutions. 

This website is ready to introduce 

Homeopathy to the World, and will go 

in depth about my outrageous claims 

that homeopathy should be in your survival repertory.

Did you know that 139 Nobel prize winners have

studied and found that Homeopathy does work, 

and were rewarded because of their research?

Homeopathy- physics states: 

"homeopathy, yes!"

Here goes, we're not asking for money yet,

just your dedicated 

attention span, and a few 

minutes of your time. I hope you'll 

discover for yourself what's been 

hiding from you. 

Thanks to those reading this that 

are already familiar with 

Homeopathy and who are living in the 

New age of Healing and thinking for awhile.

Question and answer

Q. What advice do you have 

for a new reader?

A. They must be willing to give up, that 

which is not working for them. 

They can look forward to an 

unusual experience- a practitioner 

spending more than 15 minutes with you. 

An initial work-up is done with 

a two to three-hour 

consultation, with the addition of 

appropriate drainage remedies. 

The remedies are Homeopathic 

and have no side effects. Humor & 

compassion is provided to help the 

medicine go down . . . Client experience, 

letters of thanks are listed below and on 

other links on this site.

Q. If you were a reader, what do you 

wish you knew about Homeopathy? 

Any inside secrets to share?

A. I am totally occupied with the new 
Nano Research; Stem Cells; Robotics; A.I. and 
Epigenetic Biology that are being performed 
in many facilities now.

They add a deeper look at the infinitesimal 

dilutions approach to Homeopathic medicines. 

It is shaking the very roots of 

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Medicine 

and other disciplines, and allows
Homeopathy to claim the stature 

that it's practitioners already know 

about, from their personal experiences. 

The new site shows an Australian girl 

that had her life support removed, and 

she survived, thanks to her parents' 

resolves, the assistance of acupuncture, and 

Homeopathic remedies. Yes! 

And you should also know that Homeopathic 

medicine is proven on Healthy persons only. 

Q. What questions should a reader know 

about a practitioner? 

A. How long is their initial workup?

What are their follow-up procedures?
How do they eat? (Are they aware 
of the 

quality of the food that they consume?)

Do they drink a lot of alcohol?
Are they a smoker (legal and illegal)?
Are they a good driver?
The answers to these questions will 

you an idea if that Practitioner- 

Practices what they Preach
Are they generally happy, with a positive 

outlook and a have a great sense of humor???

Are they willing to listen to all of your 

complaints?Are they going to be available 

for you, as future questions about your 

consultation come-up?

Q. What important information 

should readers have thought 

through before seeking you out?

A. Are they willing to give up their suffering,

on an emotional and
physical level? (We take care of the 

spiritual levels for you).

Are they comfortable with the monetary 


Why do they want to become better?
Are they willing to give up foods that 

do not work for them in a healing way?

How long do they think it will take to 

be better, and what do they intend 

to do then??

Q. Why does Homeopathy stand 

out from other treatments?




A. Here are some recent surprises and 

outstanding work!!

Click this link to find out why a 

17-year-old girl, in NEW ZEALAND, 

survived hitting a Pole with her car and

 being taken off life support. 
Miracle NEW ZEALAND GIRL-comes back to life

And here are some letters that I 

found on my hard drive. 

The folk singer's tumor.

At age 28, she came to see me with a diagnosed

 tumor on her vocal cords. The doctors 

wanted to operate immediately, at
risk to her singing career of course. 

She had two visits about a week apart, 

during which the tumor was shrunk, 

disappearing totally within some months time.

#Fourteen-year old's progressive blindness.
Craig was fifteen and came from 
a large family, 

and when it meant Craig's coming to Cambridge 

to see me, the entire family arrived to 

support him. The condition he was 

suffering from was a form of 

ritinitis pigmentosa. The surgeon had told 

the boy that he would be blind in both eyes 

within six weeks and that even surgery 

would not be helpful and perhaps even 

dangerous to do. 

So it was with this ultimatum that

 I evaluated his case and gave him the first set 

of remedies. It really wasn't until after 

the second set of remedies that the 

results came in and his surgeon's own words.

"I have never seen this happen before.


All of the mucus built up 

behind the eye, causing the 

separation, is gone."

One interesting symptom of Craig's 

case was that he was very apathetic 

to what was happening in his life. 

Of interest also, were two other 

persons that I have seen with retinitis. 

Both of them displayed apathy as a 

mental state. Using ‘apathy' as one 

of the outstanding mind symptoms for 

these people, I was able to find 

remedies that fit Craig.

Craig still has his eyesight today 

and is using it now in college 

(from files).

#Two-year old's seizures. Carla wrote 

me with her son's health report. 

Her letter told of an acute 

problem she'd had with her 

2-year-old son.
When my son, Damon was about 

two years old he suddenly started 

having choking seizures which lasted 

several minutes and then he would be fine. 

One was so violent that I took him to the 

emergency ward of a hospital, thinking 

something was stuck in his throat. They 

advised me to have him checked by his 

pediatrician as there was nothing lodged 

in his throat.

She took him to the pediatrician she had used

since Damon was born. 

This doctor found what the emergency 

room did not.

. . . He diagnosed Damon as having a 

swollen epiglottis and told me that it was 

sealing over his windpipe, obstructing his 

breathing and that it would climax within 

the next 24 hours, at which point Damon 

would not be able to breathe at all and 

there existed the possibility of performing 

a tracheotomy should this happen.

The doctor suggested immediate 

antibiotics and hospitalization. Damon's 

mother, however, has always sought 

Western medicine diagnoses and then 

followed it with alternative approaches 

to healing.

"I attempted to get in touch with my 

acupuncturist but was unable to and 

then through a friend, I got in touch 

with Dr. David Cleveland, who gave 

me three remedies, (Arnica, Aconite 

and Carbo 

Vegetables [sic]) , to use for Damon 

if he had more choking seizures during 

the night. 

That evening my husband and I, 

under Dr. Smiths and Dr. Cleveland's 

careful instructions, kept constant 

watch over Damon as he slept. 

His breathing was labored but he 

slept through until 3 a.m. in the 

morning when he suddenly awoke, 

reached out to me and cried "mommy" 

and fell back against the bed. 

He was having great difficulty in 

breathing. I had a moment of great 

indecision to wake my husband and 

get Damon into the car and take him 

to the nearest hospital, less than a 

ten-minute drive away or run to the 

kitchen for the homeopathic remedies 

that had been prepared earlier for 

such an emergency. 

I decided that the remedies were 

closest and administered them to 

Damon's mouth . . . He stirred when 

the first dose of Arnica was 

administered, gasped and started 

to cry. With his gasp and cry, his 

breath returned.

Soon his breathing was normal, 

after repeated doses of the three

remedies, he was calm and fell into 

a deep sleep. His breathing was not 

as labored as before. 

This was the last attack Damon 

had, and he has not suffered from 

this again. Damon has been better 

since that evening I administered 

the remedies and he is now ten 

years old, and has had no recurrence".

Q. What do you like most about 

your job?

A. Looking forward to doing no harm 

to a client and to positive results that can 

occur with Homeopathy in many people.

The fact is that Homeopathy does work. 

 The 18-year-old girl above survived 

her car crash into a telephone pole. 

She was so broken that orthodox 

doctors, gave up, and yet thanks to 

her Mother and Father, acupuncture; 

herbs and Homeopathy, she is 

alive and well today!  

Q. Do you have a favorite story 

from your work?

A. Homeopathic Case Histories.

#Carol and her respiratory problems. 

Carol was 25 when she first had 

chest infections that invariably
turned into pneumonia or bronchitis. 

She complained of being constantly 

on antibiotics, and of being well for 

only ten days out of the month. 

She was in a vicious cycle of taking 

antibiotics. She kept complaining to 

her doctors but they repeatedly told 

her that most of her problems were 

caused by her mental state, 

(Homeopathy always considers the 

mental state of a client when choosing a remedy) 

The doctors had her hospitalized as a 

psychotic, because of her many 

complaints and her general depression.

Her mother refused to accept the 

fact that Carol (then a child) was 

sick, and so Carol reacted, by 

suppressing her complaints from 

her family, until she started passing 

out during forced shopping trips. 

The patient stated in her letter to me. . .

"In fact, often as a teenager, I was 

in so much pain that I went to bed 

completely convinced that I would 

not wake up in the morning, I felt 

so sick-- I got as far as writing 

letters of goodbye but never told 

anyone of feeling bad . . . In the 

space of an hour, I can go from 

being jovial and full of life too
suicidal, and it still happens often. 

Today as an adult these infections 

still ruin my life. I cannot hold a job. 

I cannot go to school . . . It may 

seem amazing and irresponsible 

that I have hardly gone to doctors 

for the last ten years for this, 

but I have found them unable 

to hear me, and generally, send 

me back to psychiatrists". 

Clients' letter,)

The author agreed to work with 

her, and did a three and ½ hour 

evaluation suggested some 

months worth of individualized 

remedies, and asked her to return

 in four weeks. She didn't return, 

however. A short note arrived in 

the mail about three months later, 

and read:

"I wanted to write and tell you of 

the miracle you have worked on 

my health . . . About once a month 

I have a faint recurrence of infection, 

and I take a few pellets of a remedy 

and no more illness. The bronchitis is 

completely under control! My life is 

very, very different not to be on 

antibiotics all the time, and I am 

supremely happy and forever grateful. 

Thank you very much!"

#Kienbach's disease & a university professor.

Dr. Janet sent this letter.

"Herewith is my account of my 

Kienbach's disease episode. In the 

early spring of 1990 I sprained my 

right wrist it was splinted, but the 

pain continued with considerable 

severity throughout the summer 

and into the autumn. X-rays on several 

occasions revealed no break, but some 

evidence of Kienbach's disease- the 

deprivation of blood on a small wrist 

bone, resulting in its slow death".

"Harvard Community Health Plan, 

(a local Health maintenance organization), 

referred me to their excellent orthopedic 

hand and wrist specialist. He confirmed 

the Kienbach's diagnosis after additional 

nuclear scans and an M.R.I. scan, 

Keinbach's can sometimes be controlled 

through an operation, facilitating the blood 

flow to the affected bone, but my configuration 

was not appropriate for such treatment.

Finally, frustration with pain and with the 

stupefying effects of pain killers, I was led to 

seek advice from Dr. David Cleveland 

who had cured my migraines some 

years before. After some weeks of 

remedies from Dr. Cleveland, they 

scheduled me for another ‘M.R.I.' 

scan (magnetic resonance imaging, 

costing about $2,000. per session). 

I had not informed Dr. Smith of my 

'alternative treatment'.

The technicians and Dr. Smith
were surprised to find the former 

evidence of Kienbach's -- a shadow 

indicating a dead or dying bone-- 

considerably diminished. The pain 

had diminished to the point of 

vanishing altogether. 

Dr. Smith was quite baffled, but 

cheered; he said my wrist was not 

"normal" and that we should 

"keep an eye on it," 

but that for the time being it seemed fine--

which it was. 

Since then I have had no recurrence 

of pain. My only caution involves 

tennis: I wear a small wrist brace to 

protect the bone against shocks. So 

far, so good: a happy ending 

(patient letter, 1992)".

#Fourteen-year old's progressive 


Craig was fifteen and came from a 

large family, and when it meant 

Craig's coming to Cambridge to 

see me, the entire family arrived 

to support him. The condition he 

was suffering from was a form of 


The surgeon had told the boy that 

he would be blind in both eyes within 

six weeks and that even surgery would 

not be helpful and perhaps even 

dangerous to do. 

So it was with this ultimatum that 

I evaluated his case and gave him 

the first set of remedies. It really wasn't 

until after the second set of remedies 

that the results came in and in his 

surgeon's own words.

"I have never seen this happen before. 

All of the mucus built up behind the eye, 

causing the separation is gone."

One interesting symptom of Craig's 

case was that he was very apathetic 

to what was happening in his life. Of 

interest also, were two other persons 

that I have seen with retinitis. Both of 

them displayed apathy as a mind state. 

Using ‘apathy' as one of the outstanding 

mind symptoms for these people, I was 

able to find remedies that fit Craig.

Craig still has his eyesight today 

and is using it now in college 

(from files).

#The folk singer's tumor.

At age 28, she came to see me 

with a diagnosed tumor on her 

vocal cords. The doctors wanted 

to operate on it immediately, at 

great risk to her singing career 

of course. 

She had two Homeopathic visits 

about a week apart, during which 

the tumor was shrunk, disappearing 

totally within some months time.

#Gangrenous leg of a 23 year old woman. 

She told me that she was in Mexico 

buying and selling drugs, with her 

boyfriend, when the panel truck they 

were riding in turned over, pinning her 

leg under the truck. 

Her parents paid to have her flown to 

a Californian Hospital where her leg 

became infected and became continually 

worse. When this occurred the parents 

(local politicians) had her flown to a 

well-known Boston hospital. 

She laid in their bed for another couple 

weeks, with no improvement, while 

continuing to take massive amounts of 

antibiotic drugs. Her girlfriend 

(a current patient), after learning 

that the doctors wanted to amputate 

her entire left leg, called me and 

asked if I would help. I responded 

with "She wasn't a patient of mine." 

Her girlfriend, however, was forceful 

enough to convince me.

I decided to do what I could after all 

the girl was only 23. I saw her twice, 

each time suggesting different 

treatments of her infection. Her 

hospital doctors' saw an immediate 

change in her blood count, and it 

became day to day healing after 

that. She walked out of the hospital, 

using crutches, three weeks later, 

with her leg!

#Crohns' disease and Mandy. 

Mandy was suffering from Crohns' 

Disease' and was having continual 

bleeding and pains in her abdomen. 

This bleeding stopped within three 

days of taking the remedies and the 

pains in the abdominal area left 

shortly afterward. She had been 

suffering from her condition for 

more than seven years. Later, 

she confided in me, that the change

 in her condition occurred much to 

the amazement of her doctor.

#Vanessa suffered from a neurological 


Vanessa needed to be in the best 

of possible health for her many clients. 

Yet after contracting a virus, she was 

unable to lift her head up anymore. 

Because of pain and weakness, 

she had to allow her head to lean 

heavily toward the right shoulder. 

In less than a month after taking 

the remedies there was an 

improvement and after visiting her 

recently, she was found to have 

completely recovered from her condition.

. . . We will stop talking about 

"well-behaved cancers" and 

"weak viruses" and look at people 

who are fighting these illnesses. 

(Siegel 1986 VI.)

#Ongoing Research in Homeopathy

If the supposed seeker after truth is 

not willing to seek truth where it is 

to be found, namely in experience, 

then he may leave it undiscovered; 

he cannot find it in the multiplication 

tables. (Samuel Hahnemann, 1825 

in Haehl 1970, 418)

Because we are quickly approaching

 the year 2018, in 2 days, the possibility 

for great paradigm change exists. The next 

chapter will examine the reluctance 

to accept paradigm change, as it is 

occurring in health care.Ex. Did you know 

that this week A huge rocket will blast off 

for Mars, with a new Tesla self driving car 

on board? Check it out.

Society needs to take those leaps of 

understanding that will develop a 

society that has matured enough to 

take command of this coming age.

Homeopathy is shown as part of the 

paradigm shift that is already occurring.

"Each man here below works 

according to the gifts and strength 

Providence has given him, and it is 

only before the fallible tribunal of 

man those degrees of merit are 

acknowledged, not so before 

that of God: God owes me nothing, 

but I owe him much--yes, everything". 

(Hahnemann's' dying words to his wife, 

in Dudgeon 1854 introduction )

Ongoing Research in Homeopathy

Q. How did you decide to get in 

your line of work?

A. I had just finished a round -trip, 

cross country trip of the U.S, Parts 

of Canada, and Mexico, with Paul. 

On return to Cambridge we found 

lodging with our friends from Arica

 Institute, on Linnean St in Cambridge, MA. 

We settled into the house where 

we were staying. Several months later 

Paul was told, by traditional doctor's, 

at Cambridge City Hospital, that he 

had 'Scurvy' and they would treat 

him for that. 

Bottom line, after we had laughed 

about their diagnosis, he was told 

that he was not getting better. He 

was bleeding more and his 

complexion was terrible. We returned 

with Paul to the hospital and complained 

that to much time had passed and Paul 

showed no signs of getting better. The 

technicians did more tests and later 

informed us that Paul had LEUKEMIA ! 

I knew some herbology, but was yet to 

know and embrace Homeopathy yet.

Paul died!

It was many months of searching my 

understandings of everything, spiritual, 

nutritional, educational and grief.

I started very simply with the inner statement, 

"that if these diseases existed then there 

would have to be, an answer, or answers 

to their cure".

We miss you, Paul !


Q. What are the latest developments 

in your field? Are there any exciting 

things coming in the next few years 

or decade that will change your line 

of business?

A. NO, not in the coming year's, change has been  

happening in all areas today, right now 2018! Nano Technology, 

and epigenetic biology, Artificial Intelligence, 

Robotics, Politics, Monetary systems, 

Automotive, and almost everything else

see Stem cell therapy is 

now saving the day from traditional 

illnesses. It is telling the 

world that not only does Nanotechnology 

work, exist etc. But that it can be 

used for many problems that we 

have, in many different fields of 

understanding. NanoTech. shows 

that Homeopathy works and that the 

minimal dose and epigenetics are 

credible Yeah! There are pages 

of scientific papers that I have listed 

on this site. Epigenetics of today is 

showing that Homeopathic Medicine is

, and has been, right on target.

Oh! you can look forward to 

Traditional Institutions, especially 

medicine, denying that 'Nano anything' 

can work, and We don't really believe 

Epigentic Biology is correct yet. 

And yet their War On Cancer has 

been lost and is getting worse with 

one out of two humans may get 

Cancer in their lifetime. Also the sad 

fact that Traditional medicine and 

their Big Pharma Drugs along with 

the F.D.A and C.D.C are all 

responsible for the 'Iatrogenic death' 

(Doctor Caused) count of Americans 

at 210,000 patient death's in 2017. 

That means Doctors are killing 

more patients with their surgeries 

and drugs than Heart Attacks 

and Diabetes are.

Traditional Institutions will drag 

out a man, he's a Magician named 

Randi, and is without even a high 

school diploma. They will ask him 

to prove that Homeopathy and Nano 

Water, does not exist and couldn't 

possibly work. They've actually done 

this and it worked with some people. 

The A.M.A. picked up his bill. 

They might even contact the make 

believe MD's that have the website 

'Quack watch,' which gets very 

excited about being able to shoot 

down anything that means profound 

Paradigm Change in healing. 

The Blessings already are . . .

Now if you're still with us take a look 

at the following links , "Nano One" and 

"Nano Two" for more,  discussion on 

'Smallness'  and further understanding 

and uses. Links are on the left-sided menu.

Thanks, Dave Cleveland