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Video: 18:39 -Who Cares about Syria? by Barry Andrews, CEO of GOAL TED xUCD.com A background to war in Syria.

Video: 1:12  minutes- Refugees from camp arrive in Italy, By plane, and are honored with Humanitarian Visa's. A great model

other world governments.

National government positions on the 2015 EU mandatory quota plan for asylum seekers in the EU, as of 5 September 2015:
  Opt-out (de facto refusal)

Financial aid

Austria defiant as EU warns migrant quota plan illegal

Migrants in Lesbos: volunteers 

stand alone against the humanitarian crisis

Migrants in Lesbos: volunteers

stand alone against the humanitarian crisis

Migrants in Lesbos: volunteers

stand alone against the humanitarian crisis       LINK

video: 8:02 - A Kind stranger asks questions- the system does not answer
. Recent migrants are 3 miles from police 
registration, on a hot day in Lesvos Greece. The authorities 
have ordered the buses, taxis, and citizens with cars, not 
to give rides to the Refugees, $100. DOLLAR  FINE , SICK !

Migrants in Lesbos: volunteers

stand alone against the humanitarian crisis


Total arrivals in Greece during Feb 2016:


Average daily arrivals during Feb 2016:


Estimated # of arrivals during the last seven days

(Based on registration figures as provided by authorities, 

arrows indicating higher or lower number based on the day before)

2015 2016











Greece data snapshot - 17 Feb 2016 UNHCR Data 

Portal - Greece

Total arrivals in Greece (Jan 2015 - 17 Feb 2016): 939,956

Average daily arrivals during Jan 2016:


Total asylum applications during Dec 2015:


Dead and missing
272 dead - 152 missing (2015)

96 dead - 34 missing (28 Jan. 2016) (Source: Hellenic 

Coast Guard, Greek territorial waters)

Arrivals per month

11-02-2016 502 12-02-2016 123 13-02-2016 186 14-02-2016

51 15-02-2016 181 16-02-2016 1,783 17-02-2016 4,611

UNHCR deplores loss of life in the Aegean Sea, amidst worsening weather conditions
UNHCR, 22 Jan 2016
UNHCR deeply deplores the loss of life for the umpteenth time
in two tragedies in the early hours of today when at least 42
people from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, including 18 women,
17 children and 7 men have been reported dead off Farmakonissi
and Kalolimnos islets near Leros and Kalymnos island...
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Programme seeks 20,000 places for asylum seekers in Greece
UNHCR, 14 Dec 2015
ATHENS, Greece, Dec 14 (UNHCR) – The UN Refugee Agency
and the European Commission have launched a programme to
provide 20,000 additional reception places for asylum seekers in Greece through subsidies for private sector housing. The
Commission is providing 80 million euros from the 2016 EU bud...
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UNHCR says most of Syrians arriving in Greece are students
UNHCR, 08 Dec 2015
GENEVA, Dec 8, (UNHCR) – The Mediterranean crossing is treacherous, the risk of drowning is constant. But still they come,
day after day, in a fleet of dinghies spilling them onto the shores
of Greek Islands near Turkey, almost 800,000 so far in 2015
alone. Most are fleeing the conflict in Syri...
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UNHCR concerned by violence at Greek border, calls for improved security
UNHCR, 03 Dec 2015
UNHCR is deeply concerned about the tension and violence at the border between Greece and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and calls on the authorities of both countries to
manage the border in a manner consistent with human rights
and refugee-protection principles. As a result of restri...
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Ramping Up Refugee Reception - Lesvos
UNHCR, 30 Nov 2015
UNHCR staff are working with Government authorities, NGOs and volunteers on the beaches of the Greek island of Lesvos, to
receive cold, wet and fearful asylum seekers making landfall
around the clock. They wrap them in thermal blankets and take
them to warm, safe emergency accommodation at transit s...
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27 Nov 2015

UNHCR is working with the Hellenic Coast Guard
to facilitate the deployment of experienced life guards
and equipment to support rescue efforts at sea. (UNHC

13 Nov 2015

Video: 2:15-Refugee families big surprise!